Electric Objects Salon
We partnered with Electric Objects to open a pop-up art salon during XOXO 2015.
Bard Bot
We were contacted by Perfect World Entertainment on the strength of our Madam Eva project and asked to build a similar custom-content bot for the Neverwinter Nights MMORPG.
Bubble Burst Bernie
Bubble Burst Bernie is a browser-based game for desktop and mobile platforms created for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Elf Song Tavern
The folks at Wizards of the Coast came back to us again for another bot that tells little snippets of adventures, often fatal or tragic, based on the board game Betrayal at Baldurs Gate.
The folks at Perfect World came back and asked us to build another bot for them as part of the launch of their game Gigantic.
The folks at Wizards of the Coast reached out to us again to make another bot, this time focusing on telling stories about adventurers who were signing up to save the world.
Madam Eva
Madam Eva is a Twitter bot that we built for Wizards of the Coast for the launch of a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure. We worked with WotC to create a bot that tweeted in the voice of a fortune teller in their game world.
The New Yorker Poetry Bot
The nice folks at The New Yorker contactedus about doing not one but two bots to celebrate their 92nd anniversary!
Object Lessons
Ian Bogost approached us looking to refocus the Object Lessons Twitter account and make a bot write pitches for books.
This American Life assembled a small team to build a prototype based on a hackathon proof-of-concept with the mandate of making it possible for podcast fans to share their fandom with others.
Stay Woke Bot
Stay Woke Bot is a Twitter bot that runs off a Google Sheet so the activists who use it can adapt the bot to their needs as their social media strategies change.
Supermute is an app designed to give you more control over what you see in your Twitter feed.
Relive 44
Relive 44 is a Twitter bot that tweets the collected tweets of the Obama administrations ownership of the @WhiteHouse and @POTUS accounts on a seven-year delay.
The Devil's Candy
Snoot Entertainment asked us to create footage for the 2015 horror film The Devil's Candy using Deep Dream technology to overlay hallucinogenic images on selected video footage.

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